ABOUT tenstar


Tenstar Simulation offers a wide range of professional machine training simulators divided into six segments Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Forrestry, Emergency Vehicles and Traffic. 2 simulators are located at the NEW Skills Academy and participants will take a simulator qualification as part of the course.

The simulators are developed by engineers in close cooperation with key players in the respective markets. The graphics are designed with an emphasis to create real machine models and actual work environments/scenarios. Each machine type has a set of carefully developed exercises, optimized to train the students in areas of maintenance, driving skills, maneuveringskills and safety.

Tenstar Simulation offer the unique ability to combine several different machine types within the same simulator hardware providing the benefit of flexible and cost effective learning.

The hardware contains several parts of the highest quality made in Sweden. Seat, armrests and controls come from manufacturers in the industry. The hardware is available in several different designs where you can choose components to make it fit different machine types in the best way.

Multi Machine Environment (MME) allows the user to network multiple simulator seats/machines into one site environment.