The North East Wales Skills Academy will deliver the FLT Driver Training aspect of the project through Gatewen Training Services.

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Gatewen Training Services are committed to providing industry-leading training courses for professionals seeking to excel in the warehousing, transport and logistics, or construction sectors. Our comprehensive programs are designed to enhance your safety awareness and operational efficiency, empowering you to maneuver forklift trucks and operate plant equipment with confidence.

Common question about MHE training

Gatewen Training Services provides comprehensive training programs for mobile handling equipment (MHE) operators in the UK. Our courses are designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to operate MHE safely and effectively in a variety of industrial settings.

What is MHE Operator Training?

MHE Operator Training is a mandatory training program for anyone who operates mobile handling equipment (MHE) in the UK. MHE includes forklifts, reach trucks, pallet trucks, and other motorized vehicles used for moving materials. The training covers the safe operation of MHE, the principles of load handling, and the health and safety regulations related to MHE operation.

Who Needs MHE Operator Training?

Anyone who operates MHE, including employees, contractors, and volunteers, is required to have MHE Operator Training. This includes employees who operate MHE as part of their job duties, as well as those who operate MHE for occasional or volunteer work.

How Long Does MHE Operator Training Take?

The length of MHE Operator Training varies depending on the type of MHE being operated and the operator’s prior experience. However, all MHE Operator Training courses must meet the minimum requirements set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

What Topics Are Covered in MHE Operator Training?

MHE Operator Training typically covers the following topics:

Introduction to MHE

Safe operation of MHE

Load handling principles

Health and safety regulations

Hazard identification and risk assessment

Emergency procedures

How Much Does MHE Operator Training Cost?

The cost of MHE Operator Training varies depending on the provider and the type of course. However, most MHE Operator Training courses are reasonably priced.

What Benefits Does MHE Operator Training Offer?

MHE Operator Training offers a number of benefits, including:

Improved safety for employees and others

Increased efficiency in material handling

Reduced risk of accidents and injuries

Compliance with health and safety regulations

Enhanced career prospects

How Do I Register for MHE Operator Training?

To register for MHE Operator Training, you can contact the team atGatewen Training Services. You may be required to provide information about your prior experience with MHE, as well as your employer’s contact details.

What Happens After I Complete MHE Operator Training?

Upon successful completion of MHE Operator Training, you will receive a certificate of competence. This certificate will allow you to operate MHE in a variety of industrial settings.

MHE Operator Training is an essential safety requirement for anyone who operates mobile handling equipment in the UK. It is also a valuable investment in your career, as it can lead to increased job opportunities and higher earning potential.

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