Gatewen Training Services is pleased to announce that it has partnered with green champions Pathway to Carbon Zero to measure and reduce its carbon footprint across all aspects of its business. Gatewen has also signed a pledge to the ongoing commitments required to contribute towards becoming a net zero organisation, with sustainability now adopted as one of its core business values.

 Gatewen owner Julian Hughes said, “Achieving Net Zero carbon emissions is one of the best ways to tackle climate change and our impact on our environment. As we move forward, this partnership with Pathway to Carbon Zero will help us consider further how we can minimise our impact on our environment for future generations. We know that the actions we take now, and as our business grows, are important to our future.” 

 Toni Bailey, Director at Pathway to Carbon Zero, added, “By signing up to Pathway to Carbon Zero, the team at Gatewen have demonstrated their commitment to a process which will monitor and measure the impact their activities have on the environment through the development and delivery of an action plan, designed specifically to reduce their carbon emissions and address sustainability issues through active measures and investment”.

This partnership is a significant step forward for Gatewen Training Services on its journey to becoming a more sustainable organisation. Gatewen is further committed to working with Pathway to Carbon Zero to identify and implement effective carbon reduction measures, and to sharing its learnings with others in the business community. Pathway to Carbon Zero will now work with Gatewen to produce annual reports that act as accountable documents designed to improve carbon reductions and implement further sustainable practices.